The Volunteer Ministry has a two-fold mission:

  • To promote reconciliation among people of different races, cultures andsocio-economic backgrounds; and
  • To provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in ministry in rural Mississippi.

TMM averages 700 volunteers annually.  Volunteers usually come in groups through their

Volunteer doing repairs on campus building

churches or colleges and work for one week. They provide critical service in the following areas:

  • Genesis One Christian School
  • The Farm
  • Home Repairs & Renovations
  • Administration
  • Campus Facilities

Volunteers are accommodated in TMM’s Volunteer Center which has a fully equipped kitchen;  a dinning/sitting area, and a screened deck. The sleeping area is composed of six (gender specific baths and toilets), barrack-styled rooms with double-decked beds. The Center can accommodate up to 100 volunteers.

A two-bedroom house and a one-bedroom apartment are available for long-term volunteers.